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Heavy Metal Symptoms | Arsenic, Lead,

Mercury Poisoning 

Mined from the earth and added to the environment as gasses that we inhale, heavy metals have become a causative factor in many modern illnesses that were previously unknown to our ancestors.

For the most part, they kill us indirectly, slowly over time by degrading the way our entire body functions! They can be found in all of our body's tissues, but particularly in our brains and in our liver. Act now, to detoxify and end the silent damage that they are doing to you! 


 There are numerous heavy metals, some of which are highly toxic, like mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. Others, like iron, manganese, chromium, and zinc are needed by the body in specific measurable amounts. And still, others are needed by the body in tiny trace amounts. Heavy metals are defined by their weight. To be classified as a heavy metal, it must have a specific gravity of 2.7.  Any of the heavy metals, even the ones the human body needs for survival, can destroy life when they concentrate in the body above acceptable levels.

Some metals are highly absorbable, and some are difficult to absorb. That's because the body has mechanisms that prevent their overabsorption. However, once a saturation point is reached, particularly when supplementing, the body’s mechanisms that maintain balance no longer operate. None of the metals are biodegradable, and though they can change forms from solid, to liquid, to dust and gas, they never completely disappear. The ones that are toxic in even the most minute amounts create instant cellular destruction in any of their forms. They all exist naturally on the earth’s crust and the most toxic must be mined by man before they become a threat to plant and animal life.

Unfortunately, man, in his ignorance of consequences, mines these metals and then adds them to the atmosphere, not only as products we use every day, but as gasses and dust particles that we breathe into our lungs and then incorporate into the very fabric of our being. 


Aluminum is one of the most common metals on the earth’s crust, comprising 8.4 to 14% of the soil samples taken, depending on location. Although not technically a heavy metal as it does not meet the weight specifications, it is still highly toxic and abundantly found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Many plants take it up by the roots and incorporate it into their structure. When we eat the plant, or animals that have eaten the plants, we concentrate it in our bodies. Unlike other metals, our bodies have no need for aluminum, even in trace amounts. Over a lifetime, it bio accumulates, as do all the metals, causing the most problems in  later life.

Foods that accumulate aluminum in greater than usual quantities are tea leaves, milk, and soy. Because it is a natural part of the earth’s crust, it also leaches into the water supply, and is therefore commonly found in drinking water.  A zinc deficiency causes greater absorption of aluminum, and aluminum and zinc compete for receptor sites. This means it is important to be conscientious about getting enough zinc in the diet and to monitor both your zinc and aluminum levels through hair analysis if you do not want to get Alzheimer‘s disease later on in life.

Aluminum is also potentiated by acid, which means that it is more easily absorbed in an acid environment.

Therefore, if your body is acidic because you eat an acid forming diet, or if you drink a lot of coffee, which increases your stomach acid, you will absorb more aluminum than if you were alkaline. 

Aluminum that is ingested will collect in the blood stream and then will eventually be transported to the brain and  bones where it will be deposited. Also, if you cook something acidic like tomato sauce in an aluminum pan, much more aluminum than normal will be released from the pan into the sauce, which will then be absorbed into your body once you eat the sauce.

 In addition to these natural sources, aluminum has been inappropriately added to the food supply, and to both over the counter and prescribed drugs as a buffering agent. We inhale it, absorb it, ingest it, rub it on, and inject it. Other products that include aluminum are hair spray, which is inhaled and goes directly to the brain, baking powder, which is found in most baked goods, deodorant, lipstick, toothpaste, soda and beer cans, foil wraps, and numerous body products, causing us to absorb it through the skin.

There is a huge list of drugs that include aluminum in its list of ingredients. They include many over-the-counter and prescribed antacids, anti-diarrheal drugs, buffered aspirin, and douches. It can be found in injected drugs, as well, such as the HPV antiviral vaccine that is being injected into the bodys of young people, mostly females, to prevent venereal warts, which is a common cause of cervical cancer.  Aluminum has also been added to cake mixes, self rising flour, processed cheese, food starch modifier, pickling salts, non-dairy creamers, and water purification devices.

Aluminum powders are found in talcum powder, asbestos, cat box litter, cement, asphalt, tobacco ashes, table salt, and cigarette smoke. These powders are so fine that, once in the blood and other body fluids, they travel through the cell walls and implant themselves in the nucleus and thus effect the DNA.

Chem trails are now the largest source of aluminum exposure. They are a relatively recent phonomena that have been impacting humans and all other life forms for the past 15 years. However, there are far more chem trails now than ever before. Although they are being sprayed all over the planet, they are especially prominenet in the skies over large cities. They are sprayed by airplanes, which leave a huge white trail of particulate behind them that looks a little like the normal condensation trails we've seen behind airplanes all our lives, but these tails are much larger and take hours to discipate. Sometimes the entire sky is criss crossed with them. As they expand they create what I call a "white out" which blots out the blue sky. There are very few countries that are free of them. There are many YouTube videos that will show you what a chem trail looks like and help you understand their danger. The aluminum in a chem trail comes from nano sized particles that, once inhaled, go directly into the brain and blood to be distributed all over the body. Besides aluminum, chem trails also spray high amounts of barium, strontium, manganese, nanofibers, and genetically modified viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.  For more of this vitally important information go to geoengineeringwatch.org. For a more complete list of metals in chem trails, go here.

Other than the brain, bone is a major storage site of aluminum, and is one of the causes of osteoporosis. Aluminum also cross links with collagen, making it a prominent cause of aging and free radical damage.

Because it is an inevitable aspect of our food supply, we naturally absorb between 30-50 milligrams of it per day. Add to this the amount we take in through unnatural sources from drugs, body products, pots and pans, and cat litter, one can begin to understand why Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise. And let’s not forget that the fluoride that is unnaturally added to the municipal water supply in 60% of the nation’s cities is an aluminum byproduct. When we shower in hot, fluoridated water, it turns into a gas that is inhaled, and is absorbed through the wide open pores of our skin. Can this be good for us? For additional information on flouride's harmful effects, click here.

Although not the only metal, aluminum is the most abundantly found toxic metal in the Alzheimer brain. It is also highly implicated in Parkinson’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease. In lethal doses, it is known to impair memory, cause jerking movements, and to impair coordination. Specifically, it destroys neurons in the hippocampus, which is responsible for long term memory and spatial navigation. Aluminum also inhibits choline and dopamine, which are vital brain chemicals that transmit nerve impulses across the synapses. Without enough dopamine, we experience poor attention, lack of energy and it is difficult for us to feel pleasure.

The neurotoxicity of aluminum is increased in the presence of other heavy metals, such as arsenic, cadmium, iron, lead, manganese, and mercury. Since the body can only handle about 5 milligrams per day, and since we get between 30 and 50 milligrams per day naturally through food and water, it is imperative that we limit our exposure to it through unnatural sources and that we conscientiously eliminate it from our bodies through chelation and other methods. Click here for information on how to chelate heavy metals out of the body.

Although it is not the cause of Alzheimer’s disease, it is definitely a prominent factor, along with many other issues related to genetics, lifestyle, alkalinity, belief system, and pollution that all participate in its co-creation. In fact, dementia is the result of numerous heavy metals that destroy the neurons of the brain. Although aluminum is the most prevalent metal found in the Alzheimer‘s brain, also present are mercury, the most lethal and probably its catalyst, lead, cadmium and arsenic, all of which I will be discussing later.

 If you want to protect your health, each aspect of the problem must be addressed consciously, and one must take the steps to do what it takes to cleanse and purify at all levels of their being. Mentally this is done through education, which is what this website is all about, and by no longer minimizing or denying the problem.  We emotionally purify by expressing and processing our rage over the polluted state of our planet, the foolish, thoughtless behaviors that have created this state of affairs, and by expressing any other “toxic” emotions that one might have, such as self-pity or victim consciousness that causes one to stagnate spiritually, give up, or do nothing to improve the situation. Spiritually, we address the problem by making a decision to grow, change and evolve so that we can learn from the mistakes of our past and thus not make them again. Physically, we must decide to do the work of creation by spending time, money and effort to eliminate the source of the problems from our bodies, and speak out against such harmful practices to others.


Mercury is one of the most lethal heavy metals there is. It instantly damages every cell it touches and causes organ dysfunction, being particularly destructive to the brain, kidney and liver.

It effects the mucus membranes lining the digestive tract and, because mercury is attracted to sulfur, it either damages or destroys the sulfur enzymes, making them useless for normal functioning. Since the sulfur enzymes are crucial to detoxification, destroying them is tantamount to committing suicide, for a body that cannot detoxify itself is destined for slow destruction.

Mercury  also causes one’s sugar level to elevate and then drop. Once hypoglycemia sets in, one experiences physical weakness, headaches, hunger, vision problems, loss of muscle coordination, anxiety, personality changes, memory loss, irrational thinking, delirium, coma and death.

Because mercury alters the permeability of cell walls,  it causes potassium and other minerals to leak out of damaged cells. As these minerals seep into the surrounding fluid the ion transfer of minerals gets disrupted. When mercury gets into the circulatory system, it causes rapid liberation of calcium from soft tissues and bones. When tissues lose necessary mineral ions, all physiological processes are altered. It is only a matter of time before disease sets in, which slowly leads to total degeneration.

There are many symptoms of mercury toxicity, a lot of which mimic Alzheimer’s disease. Because so much of what is ingested lands in the brain, it causes numerous mental symptoms, such as depression, fearfulness, anger, irritability, nervousness, indecision, an inability to accept criticism, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, persecution complex, and hallucinations.

 It also causes numerous physical symptoms, such as a slight tremor of the hands, head, lips, tongue, jaw, or eyelid, anemia, anorexia, chronically low body temperature, constriction of the visual field, drowsiness, excitability, headache, hypersensitive reflexes, insomnia, loss of energy, bad breath, bleeding gums, bronchitis, colitis, coughing and nausea, fatigue, fever, flu-like symptoms, gingivitis, high or low blood pressure, joint pains, loosening of the teeth, metallic taste in the mouth, mouth sores, numbness, nutritional disturbances, paralysis, shaking, sore throat, stomach pains, trembling, urinary frequency or irregularity, visual changes and vomiting.

The two main sources of mercury are amalgams and fish. Fish ingest it through industrial waste dumped into the ocean. Once we eat the fish, we concentrate it in our bodies.

Amalgams, of course, are inserted into our mouths by dentists. They are made up of 10% copper, 30% silver, 5%zinc, 5% tin, and 50% mercury. Within five years after an amalgam has been inserted, only 28% of the mercury remains. The rest has been released into the body as a liquid chemical, or as a vapor that results from chewing or grinding the teeth.

An amalgam acts like a small battery when bathed in saliva. This battery produces an electrical charge that releases methyl mercury vapor every time one chews. This vapor is inhaled and goes directly to the brain where it damages brain cells, in particular the hippocampus, the amygdala, and the nucleus basils of Meynart. These are the sections of the brain that control memory. The amygdala is part of the limbic system which controls our emotional response to stress. The amydala in particular is responsible for our fight and flight automatic, and instantaneous  responses to alarm, which explains the mental symptoms related to anger, fear, and irritability.

The part of the amalgam that remains longer than five years produces methyl mercury, which is 100 times more toxic than regular mercury and is the most poisonous natural substance known to man.

Not only does it enter the neurons of the brain through the nasal passages becoming a part of the electrical transport system, the vapor gets inhaled into the lungs where it directly enters into the blood stream and makes its way to every cell in the body. The result is that oxygen transport is impaired, which produces fatigue and is thought to be one of the possible causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. Check out the You Tube presentation on amalgams called "Smoking Teeth" if you need further convincing that amalgams are harmful to your health. Over time, as the amalgam disintegrates, mercury makes its way to the digestive tract where it effects our digestion. 

Mercury also causes immunological problems such as food sensitivities and allergies to inhalants, like dust and pollen. Mercury, in combination with allergies, causes the white blood cells to rapidly rupture to precipitate the allergic response.

Mercury also causes diseases that effect collagen, such as scleroderma, arthritis, systemic lupus, degenerative disc disease, and bursitis.

In addition, it causes cardiovascular symptoms, such as chest pains and rapid heart beat.

In order for our body to function properly, it needs manganese, which is a vitally important metal. However, mercury blocks the action of manganese, making it unavailable so that the above named diseases cannot heal.

 It is al so important for the body to have adequate amounts of selenium and zinc, which it uses to protect the brain against mercury toxicity. A hair analysis can not only tell you whether or not you’ve got mercury in your body, it will also tell you about all your mineral levels, as well. However, if you’ve got amalgams in your mouth, or if you eat a lot of fish, which ingest mercury that comes from industrial waste dumped into the sea, you can be pretty certain that you do. Hair analysis will then tell you how much you‘ve got, and will also tell you when you’ve gotten rid of it and can stop intensive cleansing and proceed to maintenance level cleansing, for, in our polluted world, cleansing is no longer an option. It must be continued for a lifetime if one is to remain disease free. 

Germany and Sweden have already outlawed mercury amalgam fillings.

However, America lags far behind in creating such positive legislature. Several sources I have read state that the reason is that the American Dental Association would have to face massive law suits if they admitted to the error of their ways. Many dentists today are aware of the hazards and no longer use them, for they, too, have been negatively effected by mercury poisoning. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there is plenty of scientific evidence that any amount of mercury is hazardous to your health some dentists in America still insert them into the mouths of children and adults on a regular basis. So here's what I wonder? Why is mercury considered to be a deadly posion everywhere except in our mouths? Does this make sense to you ?

 Although mercury in the form of thimerasol has been removed from vaccinations, anyone who was alive before it was banned on July 14, 2006 had plenty of it injected into their bodies as infants and young children. Although not the cause of autism, it has definitely been a contributing factor, along with all the other environmental insults today's fetuses and infants are being subjected to that did not exist on a wide scale 57 years ago when I was born.  Children aren't like adults. Because their immune system is immature, they need to be vigalently protected from toxins, electromagnetic energy, viruses and germs that can destroy their health and their futures. Unfortunately, thimerasol has been replaced with alluminum hydroxide, another deadly inorganic substance that is almost as potent. According to Dr. Mercola in his newsletter, additional additives in vaccines are formaldehyde, animal tissues that include pig blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, chick embryo, human diploid cells originating from human aborted fetal tissue, phenoxyethanol, better known as antifreeze, sorbitol and sucrose. What maddness is this that we would do such a thing? Who, in their right mind, knowing any of the facts about heavy metals and other environmental toxins that are well documented, would inject it into the bodies of the most innocent?

As with all heavy metals, mercury bio accumulates over a lifetime, so that the older you are, the worse the symptoms get, which is why Alzheimer‘s is usually a disease of old age.

It damages us slowly and insidiously, and because we ingest such tiny amounts of it through vapor from our fillings and fish, the initial symptoms are less than lethal, appearing mysteriously and, in most circumstances, creating diseases that have no known cause. If you are having a difficult time healing any disease, you might want to investigate heavy metal poisoning, and do what you can to remove it. 


Lead is a protoplasmic poison with affinity for the grey matter of our brains. It invades neurons, damages cells, nerve synapses and dendrites, and reduces the number of oxygen carrying red blood cells.  It combines with phosphorous and enters the blood stream where it goes to your spleen, liver, and kidneys. After it’s done it damage to the spleen, liver, and kidneys, it then goes to our bones, which become its permanent storage site.

If one’s phosphorous intake is inadequate, the body will liberate lead from the bones and put it back into the blood stream so that it can do another round of damage to our liver, spleen, kidneys and brain. Therefore, the poor and malnourished are at particular risk when it comes to lead poisoning.

Lead occurs naturally in all soils, generally at the rate of 15-40 parts per million depending on the location of the soil sample taken. Since it never disintegrates, it is much higher in older cities, which are subject to being covered with ground down lead paint dust that have become fine particles that get mixed into the soil. Therefore, though lead paint was banned in 1971, the millions of gallons of it that were painted on houses for years may become invisible to the eye, but it will never disappear. It will also never stop doing its damage to children, who are its most susceptible victims.

Because of lead paint dust, car exhaust, and industrial waste, lead has become the most ubiquitous heavy metal on the planet. In 1972, the lead which was added to gasoline was banned. However, the 220 million pounds of lead that was discharged into our atmosphere by car exhaust still remain, for it will never break down, but will be blown about in the air we breathe for eternity. In addition, another 3 billion pounds of lead have been released into the atmosphere by the smoking chimneys of manufacturing plants that use it to produce a variety of products. If you were around during that time, it entered into your lungs and was incorporated into your body where it has taken up permanent residence in your bones. It also landed on the pastures where the cows you ate fed, and entered into the milk you gave your children to drink. This is the reason why there is 50,000 % more lead in our bones today than in prehistoric times.

In addition, over 4 million tons of lead are liberated from the earth’s crust each year so that manufacturers can use it in their products. It is in such diverse things as insecticides, glass, heavy duty greases, certain plastics, cisterns, lead wires, metal alloys, roof coverings, solder, storage batteries, and varnishes. Lead contamination is worse near foundries, gasoline stations and highways. It is present in drinking water in 20 % of American homes that are still fitted with old plumbing or with dripless faucets made of metal alloys containing lead.


Children are at the highest risk for lead poisoning, simply because their bodies absorb over 50% of all they come in contact with, as compared to an adult who only absorbs 10%. Children under the age of 7 are the most vulnerable as their nervous systems are undeveloped and easily damaged. Also, lead tastes sweet. Small children who have access to lead paint chips enjoy its taste and are eager to chow down. One of the authors I’ve read believes that these lead paint eating babies are the ones who get early onset Alzheimer’s disease in their forties and fifties.

Lead poisoning presents no discernible symptoms in its early stages. Sometimes, one never has any symptoms until Alzheimer’s takes hold.

When it does have symptoms, they initially present as fatigue, irritability, abdominal pain, constipation, and lack of appetite. Children frequently become hyperactive and aggressive, with a shortened attention span, sensorimotor deficits, and disordered behavior, which are the same symptoms as emotional trauma.

The chart at the left is interesting but deceptive, for it only measures the lead that is free floating in the blood. If you were around in 1976, the 1976 levels still exists within you. It has simply been stored, for the most part, in your bones, where it contributes to osteoporosis, and other bone related problems.

Eventually, in later life, lead poisoning reduces intelligence, causes memory loss, promotes peripheral neuropathy and deteriorates thinking. It can also cause bone pain, gout, high blood pressure, iron deficiency anemia, headaches, muscle tremors, hallucinations, and numbness and tingling in the extremities. 

If you want to survive into your old age with all your neurons intact, and with a youthful body that is unencumbered by degenerative disease, it is important to get the lead out now, along with all the other heavy metals that have become impossible to avoid in our industrialized society. For the sake of our children, and our children’s children, we need to do what it takes to procure their future now.


One cannot discuss cadmium poisoning without also talking about cigarette smoking, for there is an immense amount of it in tobacco leaves, which are sprayed with cadmium fungicides. Each cigarette averages 1.4 micrograms.

 Every pack inhaled gives you 10 times more of it than the body can reasonably be expected to handle. Cadmium is also in second-hand smoke, so parents who smoke around their children are poisoning them with their habit.

Since cadmium is toxic to every body system, and is another one of the precipitating causes of Alzheimer’s disease, like themselves, they are condemning their children to a life of degenerative disease.

Cadmium, like all heavy metals, accumulates over a lifetime. It is stored in fat, which keeps it from circulating in the blood. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why dieting can be hazardous to your health. When one diets or becomes ill with a wasting disease that causes weight loss, the cadmium is released from the fat to do its damage. For this reason,  people who are losing weight are at the highest risk for cadmium poisoning. Therefore, everyone who diets should know how to chelate this metal while they are dieting.

Cadmium accumulates in the kidneys and damages the liver, causing anemia. It impairs calcium metabolism and contributes to osteoporosis and osteomalacia. It may be one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome, and is definitely implicated in all Alzheimer’s type symptoms such as forgetfulness, mental disorientation and fuzzy thinking. Other symptoms are yellow colored teeth, renal colic with passage of calcium stones, calcium stones in the ureters, hypocalcuria (excessive calcium in the blood), pain in the lower back and legs, pain in the sternum, rheumatoid arthritis, decreased production of vitamin D, lessening of  pulmonary function, and prostate cancer. When cigarette smokers get lung cancer, lung infections, or emphysema, cadmium poisoning is the most likely cause.

Additional symptoms include decreased appetite, sore joints, mouth lesions, dry, scaly skin, hair loss, lung damage, hypertension, antibody suppression, reduced testosterone and marked impotence, loss of sense of smell, structural changes in bone tissue, kidney and liver disease, and neurasthenic syndrome.

Almost all of the cadmium we are exposed to gets absorbed. However, there is some protection if you are one of those lucky people who are blessed with abundant minerals. Although cadmium alters the function of zinc, zinc can also neutralize or antidote it. High levels of calcium can also partially protect against cadmium uptake, and accumulation in the liver and kidney. Taking supplemental doses of copper, iron, zinc, and selenium can also lessen its effect. In addition, a high protein diet reduces the retention of cadmium. As vitamin C is a natural chelator, it also helps curb its adverse effects.

Besides smoking, cadmium is found in food as it is a natural part of the earth’s crust. Because zinc reduces lead or antidotes it, lead is often found in foods that are high in zinc. However, modern practices of processing often remove the zinc that could keep the cadmium from harming us. For example, there is one part cadmium to 120 parts zinc in wheat. Refining reduces this ration to 1 part cadmium to 12 parts zinc. The same is also true for rice.

Cadmium is found in the air we breathe as an industrial contaminant. Acidic water leaches it from metal water pipes. It is in black polyethylene, black rubber, burned motor oil, dental prosthetics, ceramics, evaporated milk, fungicides, rust proofing paint, organ meets such as kidney and liver, oysters and other sea foods, paint pigments, pesticides, plastic tape, polyvinyl plastics, processed foods, rubber carpet backing, rubber tires, silver polish, solders, and super phosphate fertilizers. It is prevalent in the jewelry making industry, marine hardware manufacturing, paint manufacturing, ceramics manufacturing, fungicide manufacturing, and electroplating metals.

Cadmium has also been found in Chem Trails. They are a relatively recent phonomena that have been impacting humans and all other life forms on earth for the past 15 years. However, there are far more chem trails now than ever before. Although they are being sprayed all over the planet, they are especially prominenet in the skies over large cities. They are sprayed by airplanes, which leave a huge white trail of particulate behind them that looks a little like the normal condensation trails we've seen behind airplanes all our lives, but these tails are much larger and take hours to discipate. Sometimes the entire sky is criss crossed with them. As they expand they create what I call a "white out" which blots out the blue sky. There are very few countries that are free of them. There are many YouTube videos that will show you what a chem trail looks like and help you understand their danger. The aluminum in a chem trail comes from nano sized particles that, once inhaled, go directly into the brain and blood to be distributed all over the body. Besides aluminum, chem trails also spray high amounts of barium, strontium, manganese, nanofibers, and genetically modified viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. For more of this vitally important information go to geoengineeringwatch.org. For a more complete list of metals in chem trails, go here.

Obviously, cadmium is toxic to every body system and should never be mined in the first place. Only ignorance, and a belief system in denial allow it to exist in a form that is so destructive to life on planet earth.


Iron is one of the metals that the body needs in order to maintain good health. In fact,

an imbalance of iron in the body, meaning too little or too much of it, can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Although it is vitally important in creating hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to the body’s cells and returns carbon dioxide back to the lungs, most iron is used by the brain.  80% of the iron found in the brain was deposited there in the first years of life. When iron deficiency in childhood prevents this from happening, Alzheimer’s disease later on in life may be the result.

Iron deficiency or overload is a heavy metal nutrient disorder. Deficiency can be caused in three specific ways: inadequate dietary intake, poor absorption caused by digestive distress, or by chronic bleeding. Women tend to need more iron than men because they lose iron every month in their menstrual blood. Undiagnosed bleeding can also cause blood loss. Examples are blood loss from intestinal lesions that result from the chronic use of pain medications like NSAIDS (asprin), or from certain parasites that feed off their host causing blood loss, or bleeding hemorrhoids. The elderly, or others who take a lot of asparin for pain have the greatest risk of a developing an iron deficiency disease later on in life.

The best source of dietary iron is found in meat, fish, and poultry. However, many vegetables have iron in them, as well. Listed in order from highest to lowest content, they are:

Kelp, sunflower seeds, Jerusalem artichokes, brewers yeast, millet, Brazil nuts, wheat bran, almonds, beet greens, pumpkin seeds, dried prunes, dandelion greens, squash seeds, cashews, english walnuts, wheat germ, raisins, dates, cooked dry beans, green peas, broccoli, sesame seeds, hulled brown rice, whole wheat bread, pecans, ripe olives, cauliflower, peanuts, artichokes, tofu, and mung bean sprouts.

The absorption of iron is increased by vitamin C and reduced by calcium, which competes with it for uptake by receptor sites. Calcium may decrease iron absorption by up to 50% for the remainder of the day. Iron also competes with zinc for uptake. These two metals are often found together in the same foods, which is one of the ways the body regulates absorption. 

Children who are deficient in iron do not have enough of it in their brains. All of the body’s cells require adequate iron for normal functioning. It is involved in the creation of dopamine, seratonin and GABA, which are neurotransmitters that regulate mood, attention, and create feelings of peace and calm.

The most prominent feature of deficiency is to slow down the neurotransmission of nerve signals in the dopamine neurons in various parts of the brain.

The consequence of diminished dopamine is an alteration in behavior. In children, it reflects as hyperactivity, inattention and behavior problems. Lack of dopamine in adults, which can be caused by numerous things,  creates a craving for methamphetamines, caffeine, and sugar, for both of these chemicals temporarily increase dopamine levels in the brain, giving one that customary feeling of being turned on, alert, and ready for action, and like one has turned on all the “lights“ and can finally see.

In middle age, iron deficiency can also cause lethargy, fatigue, irritability, listlessness, apathy, shortened attention span, and inability to concentrate. This results from lack of oxygen in the body, as well as reduced dopamine. In children, iron deficiency can produce a permanent decrease in  IQ, which reduces their ability to learn. Iron deficiency disease is the most prevalent nutritional disorder in the world. 

Because too much iron can also be a problem, Iron absorption is tightly regulated by the body according to need. Excess iron is stored in the liver, pancreas, pituitary, adrenals, heart, and skeletal muscles. When the body gets too much iron, which can only happen through over supplementation, or through a genetically caused disease process called hemochromatosis, it leaches out of its storage sites and moves into the blood stream where it is taken to the brain. Too much iron in the brain destroys neurons, leading to neurodegenerative diseases and neurological dysfunction, with Alzheimer‘s like symptoms. So here is a case where either too much or too little of a substance cause the same symptoms.

Because too much iron causes Alzheimer’s symptoms, one should never supplement with iron unless they know, via blood test or hair analysis, if they have a deficiency.

If they do decide to supplement, only small amounts should be taken at once. Iron fumerate and/or iron sulfate are better sources than iron sulfate, which is not well absorbed. Ferrous lactate also absorbs well. Or better yet, buy ionic forms of iron that are instantly absorbed through the stomach lining. Whichever you choose, don’t over do it. Iron levels will restore themselves only slowly over time, so be patient as you take your supplements, and monitor the results with blood tests or hair analysis.

Some people are born with a disease called hemochromatosis, which causes iron deposits to build up in the body. This enlarges the liver and causes skin discoloration, diabetes mellitus, and heart failure. This rare disease generally develops in men over forty. It is the result of genetic inheritance and effects one in every 250 Americans. It is treated in one of two ways: phlebotomy, better known as blood letting, and chelation therapy. This must be done 4-6 times per year until iron levels are normalized, then less often to maintain appropriate levels.


Manganese is another heavy metal that is absolutely necessary for healthy body functioning. However, we only need a tiny amount.

Too much of it creates madness, and produces violent, antisocial behavior that can end in impulsive acts of murder.

There have been several studies done on manganese poisoning and criminal behavior. Of those criminals tested, a statically higher level is consistently found via hair analysis than in the population at large.

Manganese poisoning is common in the welding industry, among steelworkers, and in the mining industry. It produces Parkinson's-like symptoms, as it destroys the neurons in the brain related to that disease.

Manganese is needed as a co-factor for certain enzymes, the proper composition of body fluids, the formation of blood and bone, and maintenance of healthy nerves. Deficiency causes weight loss, dermatitis, nausea, and slows the growth of hair.

Toxicity from over load causes depletion of dopamine. As a Psychotherapist whose done a lot of work with drug addicts and alcoholics, it is very interesting to me that most methamphetamine users crave dopamine because their bodies do not have enough of it for normal functioning. The Speed they inhale or inject gives them an immediate dopamine rush which is the high they seek. Cocaine and Crack do the same thing. Since there are so many heavy metals that destroy dopamine, I’m wondering if this isn’t the underlying cause for their cravings. Without adequate dopamine, it is difficult to stay on task, feel energized, or find pleasure in life. In addition, it is these drug addicts who commit violent crimes and fill our prisons.

Other symptoms of overload are fatigue, a hypnotic-like state of trance, irritability, erratic behavior, and manganese madness leading to violent, impulsive acts often related to domestic violence, emotional instability, hallucinations, muscular weakness, headaches, difficulty walking, impaired equilibrium, slurred speech, dementia, poor coordination and control of movements caused by impaired nerve function. Many of the symptoms of manganese poisoning look exactly like Parkinson’s disease, for manganese destroys the basal ganglia cells in the brain. Violence arising from heavy metal toxicity is the world’s most serious health problem.

Excess Manganese interferes with the absorption of iron, which causes iron deficiency anemia, and all the other symptoms previously describes. An excess also impairs copper assimilation. A deficiency of calcium increases the absorption of manganese.

Manganese is an industrial pollutant that is mined and added to the atmosphere through the chimneys of factories.

It can also sometimes be found in well water. Poisoning occurs in the battery manufacturing industry where it is used to produce batteries. It is often found at higher levels in people who have cirrhosis, hepatitis, heart attacks, Parkinson's disease, or who undergo dialysis. Perhaps this is because the liver and kidney, along with bone, are its major storage sites.

Manganese is also sprayed from chem trails. Chem trails are a relatively recent phonomena that have been impacting humans and all other life forms for the past 15 years. However, there are far more chem trails now than ever before. Although they are being sprayed all over the planet, they are especially prominenet in the skies over large cities. They are sprayed by airplanes, which leave a huge white trail of particulate behind them that looks a little like the normal condensation trails we've seen behind airplanes all our lives, but these tails are much larger and take hours to discipate. Sometimes the entire sky is criss crossed with them. As they expand they create what I call a "white out" which blots out the blue sky. There are very few countries that are free of them. There are many YouTube videos that will show you what a chem trail looks like and help you understand their danger. The aluminum in a chem trail comes from nano sized particles that, once inhaled, go directly into the brain and blood to be distributed all over the body. Besides aluminum, chem trails also spray high amounts of barium, strontium, manganese, nanofibers, and genetically modified viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.   For more of this vitally important information go to geoengineeringwatch.org. For a more complete list of metals in chem trails, go here.


Arsenic is abundant on the earth’s surface being present in 2 parts per million of soil samples taken. However, as with other metals, there are certain places on the earth where it is abundantly deposited, and thus mined. There are actually some places in India, China, South America, and even in the United States, where Arsenic is present at 2 parts per hundred. This means that it is in ocean water, soil, drinking water, and food, for it leaches into the water that the plants absorb into their roots. Of course, it doesn’t help that

arsenic is also in certain pesticides, and is sprayed on such crops as apple orchards, vineyards, tobacco plants, and cotton, which means we eat it on our fruit, drink it in our wine and grape juice, inhale it into our lungs in first and second hand smoke, and wear it on our bodies where it absorbs into our skin. 

Arsenic has many industrial uses as a pesticide, fungicide, and weed killer. It is also used for tanning leather. It was separated from other ores in the mining industry and has been left behind as tailings creating concentrated waste sites. As these slag heaps have weathered, arsenic has soaked into the soil and has contaminated ground water.

Arsenic used to be used for all kinds of things, including the making of paint, fabric, and wall paper. It was also used extensively in medicine for skin diseases, syphilis, and digestive problems until it was discovered that the people who took it had  higher rates of cancer. Arsenic was phased out for medicinal use by the early fifties. Today, it is mostly used as a wood preservative and is the main ingredient in pressure treated lumber. It is also used as a hardening agent for bronze and other alloys, in glass making, and in computer chips.

Arsenic is a deadly poison when taken in large doses and has been a popular form of poisoning throughout the ages. Long term exposure causes cancer of the skin, lungs, bladder and kidney. It also causes skin thickening and skin discoloration which looks a lot like freckling. There are some people who believe it can cause melanoma.

Arsenic affects the blood vessels, blood pressure, and may cause heart attacks, though researchers haven’t yet drawn any conclusions about this.

 It definitely binds to sulfur and destroys the sulfur enzymes just as mercury does. As it is similar in structure to phosphate, it displaces phosphate in our bodies, blocking energy production and cell signaling.

Because it is sprayed on tobacco leaves, just as cadmium is, arsenic increases the risk of lung cancer, though one can get lung cancer from it even if one does not smoke.

Arsenic modifies the way cells communicate with each other. By binding to hormone receptors, it disrupts the endocrine system. This may contribute to the development of diabetes, cancer and vascular disease.

Arsenic may interfere with molecular signals that prompt the cells lining the heart and blood vessels to grow, which restricts blood flow. Although arsenic does not damage DNA or cause mutations in genes, it indirectly modifies the way cells function, which may contribute to the formation of cancer.

At high doses, arsenic causes shock, paralysis, delirium, and death. At less lethal doses, it causes nausea, headache, stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhea. Chronic, low level exposure causes hyperkeratosis (or a thickening of the soles and palms), heart and blood vessel damage, and inflammation of the liver.

Today, our most likely sources of exposure are from pigments, dyes, wood preservatives, insecticides, wine, apples, cigarettes, well water near contaminated sites, burning coal, shell fish, and treated lumber. 


Copper occurs in nature mixed with other elements in a number of compounds. It is the green color in turquoise, malachite, and azurite. It is the third most widely used metal in the world after aluminum and steel, and has therefore been mined for centuries. Being a natural substance that is part of the earth's crust, like all metals it is found in air, soil, water, and other organisms.

As copper is needed for human health, the body has a natural mechanism for maintaining the proper amount of it, which can be overcome when  overexposure occurs. In order to maintain its balance, all of copper's co-factors must also be ingested.  Its co-factors are called copper antagonists. They are chromium, molybdenum, sulfur, nickel, vitamin C, hesperidin, and others. One can chelate high copper levels by taking either extra chromium, sulfur in the form of MSM, or glucosamine sulfate.

Either deficiency or excess can be a problem when it comes to copper. Because of copper pipes, and the fact that many copper rich foods are somewhat addictive, deficiency is seldom a problem. The exception would be in the case of Menke’s disease, which is a rare genetic disease that causes copper malabsorption in infant males. Wilson’s disease, on the other hand, is a genetic disease that causes copper overload. In addition, because infants have not yet developed the mechanism that prevents overload, they are highly susceptible to liver toxicity, especially if they are given formula made from hot tap water that comes out of copper pipes.

Excess is generally caused by copper pipes, especially in newer houses, or houses that have brass faucets, which have copper in them. Hot water leaches more copper from the pipes than cold water, so it is always important to use cold water for cooking, as opposed to hot tap water. It is also important to let the first water of the day run through the pipes for a minute or two before using it, as excess copper accumulates in water that’s stored in the pipes over night. 

Food sources of copper include dark chocolate and cocoa, colas, coffee, tea,  beer, liver, organ meats, oysters, nuts, seeds, whole grains, potatoes, raisins, mushrooms, soy products, chickpeas, and other legumes. Foods cooked or stored in copper containers absorb a significant amount of copper. Also, one can absorb a significant amount of copper from a copper IUD.

Besides plumbing and cookware, copper can also be found in sewage sludge, swimming pools, inorganic mineral supplements, and dental crowns. Blue green water stains below your water faucets indicate a high copper content in your water supply. It is also used as a fungicide, pesticide, and as a water treatment that kills aquatic vegetation.

Copper is a component of more than 30 enzymes, some of which are involved in collagen synthesis. It is necessary for connective tissue, nerve coverings, and bone. It is also involved in iron and energy metabolism. Deficiency causes anemia, connective tissue, nerve, and nervous system abnormalities.

Inhaling copper dust and fumes can affect your respiratory tract and cause nausea and diarrhea. It will also decrease your hemoglobin and erythrocyte count. It can affect your liver and endocrine system. In addition, it can cause eye irritation, headaches and muscle aches. More than half the hazardous waste sites in the Environmental Protection Agencies priority list of sites needing to be cleaned up contain copper.

Copper and aluminum are synergistic. A higher intake of aluminum means a greater retention of copper and lower sulfur levels, for aluminum and copper are sulfur antagonists. High copper and low sulfur are a prominent cause of many physical and mental health conditions including Alzheimer’s disease.

High estrogen levels from hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, and pregnancy increase intracellular copper, manganese, and sometimes serum copper levels. This can contribute to an imbalance in sugar metabolism, oxygen metabolism, which plays a part in the creation of asthma, and mental and emotional well being.


Much of the information for this page came from the excellent book Toxic Metal Syndrome by Richard Casdorph and Mortin Walker. You can find this fine book, which contains far more information than I provided here, at Amazon.com. I also received information about heavy metals from klinghardtneurobiology.com, several videos on YouTube, as well as many other websites, and articles. For information on how to remove these metals see the heavy metal detox page for further instruction.

Disclaimer: I am a psychotherapist who believes that disease can be improved using natural methods of detoxification and rejuvenation. I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat, or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease. I do not advise that people discontinue using their prescription drugs without the consent of their doctor. For all matters that relate to your physical health, please contact your physician. This cleanse is not intended for use by children, pregnant, or lactating women except under the care of a physician. Since herbs can interact with, and sometimes replace medications, check with your physician before using them. 

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