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According to the Law of Attraction, each of us are energetic beings who attract life experience to us. We do this through vibration. Our vibration is made up of all the beliefs (conscious, subconscious, and unconscious) held within our mind.

Our consciousness literally manifests our bodies, and every life experience we have from the moment we are conceived. In fact, our electrically charged and magnetically attractive consciousness determines everything about our lives, including who our parents are, our gender, our intelligence, our creative abilities, and our personality.
Underneath every unpleasant experience, be it a physical health challenge, conflicted relationship, or an economic crisis, are underlying core beliefs that need to be changed and healed before a pleasanter reality will manifest.

These beliefs, learned in childhood, are erroneous and condition us to fear. Most of us cart around our beliefs from lifetime to lifetime. Although our fear becomes “karmic” and creates inevitable pain, we have the capacity to completely transform our lives simply by changing our mind about it.

Though reality creation is a vast topic, the spiritual aspect of disease is largely ignored by modern medicine. Ignored also, are the mental and emotional components of disease. Since modern medicine also ignores the impact of nutrition on health, as well as the effects of a toxic lifestyle and environment, it is not surprising that these invisible aspects of disease go unnoticed.

To understand how we are creating every aspect of our lives, we must begin to understand the whole, and not just separate out one little part - the physical- and think it is everything. What foolishness is this!

Disease begins within the spiritual body and then progresses to the mental and emotional bodies and finally to the physical.

Once we heal the spiritual aspect of disease, the mental, emotional, and physical bodies will heal automatically for we will change the way we think, which will change what we do. 

Healing dis-ease follows specific rules. We must connect with our inner guidance who will teach us how to recognize erroneous beliefs and change our thinking. When we change the way we think, we will no longer harm ourselves or make ourselves sick with limiting beliefs that suffocate the soul. In addition, we will no longer harm the planet or each other in our mad dash to gain power and control. As we transcend our fear and ascend into LOVE, we will create a whole new reality. It is one in which we will experience our greatness and become fully capable of healing all aspects of our lives.

In this age of spiritual awakening the veil between the worlds has become very thin. We are being gifted with the opportunity to awaken in mass as never before. Arise Dreamers, and awaken to the new you. Arise and claim your True Inheritance. Spirit is here to be of assistance and aid us in our evolution and growth. Providing insight and, when ready, energetic healing, they propel us on our way to becoming the enlightened, loving beings we truly are.

  • I channel high level guides to help people discover how they are creating their present life experience now.
  • I answer karmic questions related to past lives and how they are influencing this one.
  • Through guided visualization, I introduce people to their spirit guides and help them create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their higher self.
  • Each individual receives energetic healing from my guides while the reading is being done, even when done over the telephone.

I specialize in helping others find the underlying spiritual cause of their disease so that it can be healed.
Once healed, the body heals automatically. Depending on how much inner work one has already done, this may happen immediately, or slowly over time as you bring your body back into alignment with spirit and the radiance of who you really are.

My guides are a combination of energies that have blended with me through my higher self that come from the Christ Consciousness. Though I cannot control the kind of information that comes through, nor do I know exactly what will happen in advance, messages are always helpful and can make a profound difference in one's life.

Sessions, via phone or face to face, are generally interactive and include tools for transformation.
Contact Susan Vaughn @ (800) 599-0250 or smcvaughn@LiveLongerCleanse.com for more information or an appointment today!

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Disclaimer: I am a psychotherapist who believes that disease can be improved using natural methods of detoxification and rejuvenation. I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat, or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease. I do not advise that people discontinue using their prescription drugs without the consent of their doctor. For all matters that relate to your physical health, please contact your physician. This cleanse is not intended for use by children, pregnant, or lactating women except under the care of a physician. Since herbs can interact with, and sometimes replace medications, check with your physician before using them. 

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