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Within the bowel are a large number of microorganisms that all live together in a large community. It has been estimated that there are between 500 and 1000 different species of bacteria alone, some of which are anaerobic. Added to this are fungi, yeast, mold, parasites and worms that humans have evolved with for thousands of years. In fact, whatever microbes are indigenous to the soil or water where one is raised are also indigenous to our digestive tract. These microbes populate every inch of our digestive system from mouth to anus. Each part of the bowel affects all the other parts. If one part is sick, the rest will also suffer.

For hundreds of generations, humans used to pick fruit right off the tree or dig vegetables out of the earth, and, with no more than a brief visual inspection, pop whatever tasty morsel they found directly into their mouths. As we ate trace amounts of dirt we added to the micro community living within our guts, which was kept in balance with the microorganisms living in the soil.

The same is true of water. Everyone knows that one can’t drink the water, or even brush their teeth or eat anything other than peeled fruit when traveling in third world countries where public water is not sanitized. That’s because they will get an intestinal infection from the microbes in it. However, people who are indigenous to the area do not seem to suffer from what makes outsiders so sick.
Whatever is in one’s local environment gets incorporated into their gut ecology, making them impervious to infection.
 If it doesn’t kill them as children, it will make their guts stronger as adults.
In modern times all of this has changed. Few people eat off the land anymore and the land that produces most of the fruits and vegetables humans eat has been poisoned with herbicides and pesticides that has changed the ecological balance of microorganisms that live in the soil. Other things in our environment began to change as well. All of these things had a huge impact on our digestive health. Each of these things began happening shortly after WWII. They are:

1.     Antibiotics came into common use in 1951 when it was not only put into the food supply of farm animals that humans ate, doctors began using it to treat our infections. Though a miracle drug that saved many lives, along with the pathogens it killed, antibiotics also killed the probiotic oxygen-loving bacteria in our gut. Since there are many different kinds of organisms that live in the gut, including anaerobic bacteria and fungus, the ones that weren’t killed by the antibiotics began to multiply out of control.
2.     At the same time antibiotics came into vogue, other probiotic-killing substances were also released into our environment. Chlorine and fluoride, hormone-altering birth control pills, mercury from amalgam fillings, heavy metals like arsenic in pesticides and herbicides, cadmium in cigarettes, numerous over-the-counter and prescription drugs, food additives like dyes, BHA and BHT, lead from old pipes and car exhaust, MSG, etc. began to alter gut ecology and kill our oxygen-loving probiotics.
3.     In addition to mold toxins, most of these heavy metals and industrial chemicals are neurotoxins that attach to our nerve endings and poison the brain. Because these chemicals and heavy metals aren’t food, they aren’t easily metabolized, which means they accumulate in the gut and settle in our digestive tract as toxic waste.
4.     Once our probiotic bacteria died, a fungus called candida, as well as anaerobic bacteria began to grow. Because sugar feeds candida, we began to crave it. By eating sugar, and foods that reduce to sugar, such as potatoes, grains, and alcohol, we not only fed our candida, many people gained weight, got fat, became diabetic, and some became alcoholic. Since sugar overstimulates dopamine much like cocaine does, we also became addicted to its effects.  
5.     Because candida is an anaerobic fungus, it is oxygen shunning. When it and other oxygen-shunning bacteria took over our guts, our digestive tract began to ferment much like a pond ferments when it is deprived of oxygen. Pathogens then began to thrive in the stagnant environment which became highly acidic. A dying body is a fermenting body that is highly acidic, full of pathogens, and has insufficient oxygen.  
6.     A fermenting gut leads to leaky gut syndrome, which allows undigested food proteins and toxic waste full of pathogens, heavy metals, and environmental chemicals to leak into the blood stream where it circulates all over the body. The immune system believes that the undigested food proteins are enemies that need to be eradicated, so it produces antibodies to attack them. This, then, becomes the cause of food sensitivities. The toxic waste leads to inflammation wherever it lands. If it lands in the brain of an adolescent or an adult it causes mental illness, brain fog, and chronic fatigue. If it lands in the brain of a 20 pound child, it creates autism. If it lands in the brain of an elder, it eventually leads to Parkinson’s disease, MS, or Alzheimer’s disease. If it lands in our joints it creates arthritis. If it lands in the muscles, it creates fibromyalgia. Wherever there is chronic inflammation in the body, it is caused by toxic waste that is full of pathogens and environmental toxins.
7.     Because 70% of our immune system is in the peyer’s patches that line the gut, when they get covered over with toxic waste they suffocate, which cripples our immune system.
8.     Within the toxic waste other pathogens like those that cause Epstien Bar or Lyme disease and its many co-occurring infections, began to thrive. Because many people who have Lyme disease do not recollect being bitten by a tick, some people believe that these pathogens were already indigenous to our guts and were therefore passed on from mother to child. However, these pathogens never bothered human kind until we committed probiotic genocide, destroyed our immune system, created leaky gut, and then allowed toxic waste to circulate throughout the body.
9.     With the advent of refrigeration, humans stopped fermenting their food to keep it from spoiling. Fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, kim che and olives used to reintroduce probiotics into the human digestive tract throughout one’s lifetime. Once we stopped eating probiotic-rich foods the probiotics antibiotics killed didn’t get replaced.   
10. Because people began gaining weight, fats were demonized. Fat, being a high energy food, is actually very good for the body. It is necessary for brain health and to keep cell membranes flexible. Because the makers of Crisco and margarine wanted to sell people on the benefits of their products, they made up a story about how much better they were for you then the natural stuff humanity had been eating for generations. Though deadly, for they are only one molecule shy of being plastic, transfats are liberally used in processed, sugary products that are widely eaten today.
11. The science of epigenetics teaches us that gene expression is determined by our environment. People who live unhealthy lifestyles age more quickly than people who live healthy ones. Because we are all going to die of something, everyone has recessive genes for disease. The more toxic we become the more likely it will be that these genes get turned on. This is the cause of accelerated aging. Toxins can be mental, emotional and physical. People who do not have a philosophy of health won’t know how to keep their bodies from getting sick. If people don’t have a philosophy of life that allows them to overcome life’s deep disappointments they won’t be able to overcome the stress that is an inevibale part of the human experience.  
12. This last factor is the largest obstacle humanity has in overcoming disease, for, while all this was happening beyond our conscious awareness, the pharmaceutical companies taught doctors to alleviate pain by prescribing drugs. They taught doctors that diet did not matter and that there were no known cause and therefore no known cures for disease. In fact the only diseases that had a cause and a cure were bacterial infections that could be healed with antibiotics. As misinformation about the cause and cure of disease spread, doctors unknowingly did things that harmed us. It has also caused good-intentioned people to live lifestyles that are self-destructive. As we got sicker we took more acidic drugs that killed our probiotics and never addressed the cause of our disease.
The combination of these twelve factors has led to probiotic genocide and gut fermentation since the early 1950’s. Because our bodies are slowly suffocating, we have accelerated the aging process that leads to disease, which has led to an unnatural disaster of calamitous proportions.
 With 60% of the population being obese, and one half of the population destined to get Alzheimer’s diseases if they live to the age of 80, and one out of every 50 children being diagnosed with autism, and one out of every three people getting cancer, with cancer being the leading cause of death in children after accidents of all kinds, our probiotic genocide, fermenting guts, unnatural food supply, toxic waste, oxygen insufficiency, and high sugar, fake fats diets have led to ill health and disease for all ages of the human population who are now destined to suffer from long-term illnesses that either didn’t exist or rarely bothered our great grand-parents when they were alive.

New born infants are the hardest hit of all by this continuum of events. In the womb, an infant’s digestive tract is sterile. They receive all the microorgansims they need to eventually digest solid food as they pass through the birth canal and while nursing on mom’s nipple. Once they start teething they chew on everything they can get their hands on without regard to how clean it is. By the time they start eating solid food, they have a healthy supply of gut flora with which to digest it.

After antibiotics were introduced, children inherited less probiotics from their mothers. As these children grew up they were also treated with antibiotics and ate it in animal food just as their parents did. When they had children, their infants inherited even less probiotics. We are now several generations past the introduction of antibiotics into common use, with each succeeding generation receiving less probiotics than the one before. In addition, the frequency of caesarian sections and bottle feeding has steadily risen, which has added to the problem. 
It has been theorized that the cause of the rise in regressive autism is probiotic insufficiency.
Although autism has always existed, it used to be that its frequency was 2 births out of every 100,000. Today, that number has risen to 1 birth in fifty and is still rising. These children are born normal. However, because they haven’t inherited enough probiotics to digest their food, once they go on solids they get leaky gut syndrome, which allows undigested food proteins and the toxic waste to enter the blood stream and circulate throughout their 20 to 30 pound bodies.

Added to digestive insufficiency are the 30 vaccines infants now receive before the age of two. Vaccines are full of toxic substances like aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze, aborted fetal tissue, and thimerosol, which is a form of mercury. Without a functioning immune system, the vaccines do nothing but add to an infant’s toxic load. Once these toxins hit the brain, it is poisoned. Since many of these toxins are neuro toxins, the toddler who was born normal suddenly “comes down with” regressive autism, which mainstream medicine does not know how to heal. Because doctors are unaware of what caused it, in their eyes it is incurable. However, doctors who are literate in this arena return these children to normal all the time. The younger the child, the easier it is to repair the gut and heal the disease.
Because different antibiotics kill different bacteria, each human has killed off different species of them within their guts.

Therefore, no two humans are the same when it comes to gut ecology. Differences are determined by how much and what kind of antibiotics have been taken during a lifetime, as well as what’s been inherited from previous generations. Because we don’t know what we’ve killed off, doctors also don’t know how to repopulate the gut with what’s missing, or how to bring balance back into the whole. The complexity of the problem is enormous.

Probiotics do many different things. In addition to digesting our food, they also protect us against the over-growth of other microorganisms that could cause disease. They produce vitamins, absorb minerals, and eliminate toxins. They prevent allergies and maintain our natural defenses. Because of antibiotic use, you may have killed off a strain of bacteria that absorbs magnesium or produces vitamin K. How would you know unless you knew what the symptoms were for those deficiencies, which probably wouldn’t develop for quite some time after that strain of probiotics has been destroyed? Connecting the dots would be almost impossible to do. Because older people have significantly less probiotics than youngsters, perhaps probiotic loss with its accompanying malabsorption accounts for a great deal of the aging process.

When imbalanced, an unhappy gut expresses its distress in a variety of ways. Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS, and diverticulitis are just the obvious ones. Lyme disease or Epstein Bar are two of the ways it expresses itself that isn’t so obvious. So are neurodegenerative disorders like MS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease, autism, autoimmune disorders, mental illness, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, toenail fungus, heart disease, cancer, and so many more. All of the symptoms of food sensitivity are caused by leaky gut syndrome which always begins with candida and gut fermentation. For a complete list of symptoms see Health Begins in the Gut on my blog SeekingEnlightenment.net.

All ecological systems are a delicate balance of positive and negative forces that keep each other in check. Consequently,
there are no good or bad bacteria in the gut, just a large variety of players that must maintain specific numbers to keep everything under control.

It used to be believed that probiotics were “good bacteria” as compared to the bad bacteria and fungi that caused our digestive distress, but it is now understood that this is an inaccurate way to describe the situation, for all of our digestive microbes are good. The problem is that the balance is all wrong.

The compromised gut ecology also has impact upon stomach ecology. When candida grows in the stomach humans get Irritable Bowel Syndrome with lots of stomach aches. We also get gastritis and GERD. When candida affects stomach acid, which is normally  a ph of 1.5, it becomes more alkaline. At 1.5 stomach acid dissolves pathogens and parasites that come into the body by way of food and water. When stomach acid is more alkaline these kind of toxins slip right into the intestines unscathed.
To further exacerbate the problem of gut fermentation, as we become more decrepit with disease, the tiny capillaries that bring oxygen-filled blood to the cells and then carry away their waste products get blocked with toxic waste.
This causes the cells oxygenated by those capillaries to slowly suffocate. The more toxic one becomes, the less oxygen our cells receive. Less oxygen causes more acidity, quicker aging, and more disease. Since oxygen is responsible for activating all the detoxification systems of the body, the less oxygen we have the more toxic we become.
According to Dr. Ali in his DVD seminar on hormones,
there is now 108 pounds of chemicals produced for every man, woman, and child alive on the planet today.
This means that we are all living in a toxic sea of chemicals that even people who are doing their best to live a healthy lifestyle can’t avoid. Because of chemtrails, this process of toxification is intensifying, especially in high spray areas.
If we, as a people, do not learn how to assist the body in detoxifying itself, the result will be accelerated aging that turns on all the genes for disease.
 In other words, we will all unconsciously commit pollution-related suicide by destroying gut ecology and turning on the genes that lead to self-annihilation.

When the body is clean, oxygenated, and our gut microorganisms are balanced, bacteria like Lyme spirochetes are relatively easy to kill. When the body is unclean, suffocating from insufficient oxygen, and imbalanced, killing any kind of parasite is no longer easy to do. That’s because the pathogens hide in the toxic waste which seeps into all the crevices and folds of the digestive tract where it hides. It also circulates throughout the body when the gut becomes porous. Killing bacteria with more antibiotics only exacerbates the problem.

It is possible to heal the gut by eating a fructose-free diet, killing the candida, cleansing it of toxic waste, and reoxygenating it. When you do many symptoms of disease will begin to disappear. However, additional strategies may need to be applied for specific problems. For example, if the problem is Lyme disease, one might also need to take specific anti-parasitic herbs to kill the spirochetes.

I used the method that Dr. Majid Ali outlines in his many fine YouTube videos and seminars to heal the Irritable Bowel Syndrome that I had for over 20 years. That is the method of cleansing that I will describe here. This method cleanses the stomach, liver, colon, intestines, and bowel. To watch Dr. Ali’s videos on the topic go to my blog post Health Begins in the Gut where I give complete instruction for how to implement his strategies. For additional information on how to heal other issues, go to YouTube and put Dr. Majid Ali’s name in the search engine along with whatever issue you want to heal. Once you click on the search button you will come up with all of his video’s on the topic.

Through his many free videos and inexpensive seminars, Dr. Ali has taught me that health begins in the gut.
When the gut is unhappy, it expresses itself as a variety of diseases.
Therefore, no matter what disease one has, its cause is gut fermentation and toxic waste that has circulated throughout the body. Therefore, in addition to dealing with whatever disease label that the patient presents with, he also teaches everyone how to heal their gut by killing the candida, cleansing toxic waste, and reoxygenating the body. Since I am not a doctor, this is the information that I can pass along to you.

Dr. Ali has been a practicing physician for 50 years, the first 29 as a pathologist who looked at slides of diseased tissue 8 hours a day, and the next 21 as a Doctor of Integrative Medicine who used whatever allopathic, naturopathic, nutritional, or herbal approach worked best to resolve his patient’s health symptoms. He has a unique evolutionary perspective and believes that the core of all disease is oxygen deprivation. Besides dealing with the presenting issue, his ultimate goal is to cleanse the bowel of toxic waste so that the body can breathe again.

Please see my blog post Health Begins in the Gut at SeekingEnlightenment.net for specific directions on how to cleanse the bowel. See my blog post Oxygen for Health to understand more about the consequences of insufficient oxygenation. If you are interested in how I healed my Irritable Bowel Syndrome of 15 years duration using Dr. Ali’s approach, read on.

My problem with leaky gut syndrome probably began soon after birth at the age of 6 weeks when I had my thymus radiated and shrunk. This was a common procedure done to thousands of infants at the time, most of whom ended up with numerous food sensitivities. However, my mother tells me that I was a colicky baby from birth so my problems may have begun even before the radiation, which only added to the problem. My earliest memories as a three-year-old were of constant sneezing because of a forever runny nose, itchy eyes and ears, post nasal drip, and chronic congestion. Eventually, around the age of 12 my mother took me to a doctor who, without taking any allergy tests, said I was allergic to milk. After I went off of it my severe post nasal drip cleared up, but I continued to suffer from all the symptoms of severe hay fever on a daily, year in, year out basis until I was in my fifties. That’s a lot of sneezing.

I also began suffering from what I was eventually to discover was Lyme disease in my early twenties. However, because no one knew anything about Lyme disease in 1971 I was misdiagnosed as having Rheumatoid Arthritis. My symptoms were achy all over, which came and went, and very sore and inflamed joints in my shoulders, hips, and knees.

In my early twenties I also had a series of bladder infections that lasted an entire year. I was dosed with a variety of antibiotics at that time, which left my body in a weakened state. It also caused me to become allergic to just about every antibiotic I took, which ended up giving me hives. The following year I had non-stop vaginal yeast infections which I eventually healed with a high potency homeopathic remedy.

I had my next round of vaginal yeast infections with each of my three pregnancies. Yeast literally poured out of me. I am certain that I gave my youngest daughter, who was born in 1984, a lifelong yeast infection which she got when she passed through the birth canal, but at that time I was still very ignorant about everything I’ve written about here so did not recognize her symptoms of candida overgrowth until recently. Her earliest symptoms were of a chronic fiery red diaper rash. By the age of two she began getting eczema on her hands and feet, as well as slight but continuous constipation. At fourteen she had a chronic fiery red rash around her mouth and nose. A dermatologist gave her the first antibiotics she ever had to heal it. However, after four months of consistent antibiotic use, it never went away. After she became sexually active she has gotten regular, recurring vaginal yeast infections several times a year. At the age of 29 she still struggles with her facial rash, vaginitis, and slight constipation on a daily basis.

I have never had another vaginal yeast infection since my last pregnancy. However, when I was in my forties I took a horrible antibiotic that gave me terrible stomach pain. Though I only took it for three days before I gave it up it had already done irreparable damage to my digestive tract. Even though I had never before been constipated, from that day on I was never able to have a normal bowel movement without assistance from herbs and extra minerals. My stomach was also frequently bloated and I no longer had much appetite for food as every time I ate my stomach hurt slightly especially later on in the day. Though I talked to a few doctors about this all they wanted to do was give me drugs that would not solve the problem but only alleviate the symptoms. Though I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, no one suggested that I might have candida in my stomach or bowel as I had no obvious signs of candida overgrowth. Eventually, I learned how to manage my symptoms using natural therapies, but I was not to heal it until I discovered the work of Dr. Ali.

Twenty years after getting IBS I had an emotional upset that was so distressing to me that my digestive system temporarily shut down for a couple of months. Because this had happened to me before, since my digestion had always returned to normal after the crisis ended, I wasn’t too worried about it. This time, however, because of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome I had acquired since my last emotional crisis in my twenties, my stomach suddenly became extremely sensitive and bloated. I had lots of gas and the constipation that I had kept under control for so many years using herbal remedies and minerals became impossible to manage. My stomach hurt so bad that I ate nothing for two weeks. Desperate, I went into prayer and demanded that God tell me what to do to end the pain. It was the next day, while searching the Internet for answers, that I found the work of Dr. Ali on YouTube.
Not only did I buy some of his seminars, I immediately implemented his gut-healing strategy.

1.     Within 4 days after applying castor oil rubs on my belly several times a day, all the pain left my stomach, and though my intestines still became easily bloated after I ate, I was able to start eating again. My blog post Health Begins in the Gut at SeekingEnlightenment.net contains all the instructions on how to do them, along with Dr. Ali’s videos on the subject.
2.     I took all fructose out of my diet, which means I no longer ate anything with sugar in it, including fruit or sweet vegetables like carrots and beets. I also removed grains and any foods that turned into sugar after eaten. Dr. Ali also suggested removing milk products with the exception of plain whole milk yogurt and kefir, but I had removed them years earlier.
3.     I began to do 4 hydrogen peroxide foot soaks a day to begin the reoxygenation process. How to do this is on my blog post Health Begins in the Gut at SeekingEnlightenment.net, along with Dr. Ali’s videos on the topic.
4.     I drank Dr. Ali’s breakfast, which is designed to reoxygenate the cells, and cleanse and detoxify the gut, liver, and stomach. The recipe is on my blog post Health Begins in the Gut at SeekingEnlightenment.net along with Dr. Ali’s video on the topic.
5.     I began eating a lot of home-made plain yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and ginger ale fermented with water kefir grains and took a powerful probiotic supplement to reimplant probiotics in my gut.
6.     I found a place online to buy Nystatin and began taking a low dose of it to kill the fungus that was not only living in my bowel but my stomach as well.
7.     Again at Dr. Ali’s suggestion I implemented slow breathing during my meditation time each day and before going to sleep at night because slow breathing with long exhales allows the body to retain more oxygen.

I began the rubs, foot soaks and Dr. Ali’s breakfast right away, but it took about three weeks for the Nystatin to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, I began taking the less-effective herbal protocol that he suggested, which consisted of echinacea, astragalus, burdock root, goldenseal, pau d’ arco, and oregano oil. Though I had improved on the first four protocols, when I began taking the Nystatin I could not believe the difference. Though I took only a very low dose, the day after I began taking it I had an extreme cleansing reaction. I knew that something was happening. Within a week my stomach felt better than it had in 20 years and I could eat without any stomach pain and not feel full after 5 bites. However, I was not out of the woods yet.

I suspected that I also had a parasite because after two weeks on the Nystatin I still had occasional bloating. I decided to take some herbs to deal with it. I went back to YouTube to discover that Papaya seeds kill parasites. (This was not a Dr. Ali suggestion.) After buying a ripe papaya at the market I cut it open and scooped out about a third of the seeds. In the morning I blended them with water and drank it down. The taste wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. At 3:00 AM the next morning I awoke with a horrible pain in my gut and needed to go to the bathroom immediately, which instantly relieved it. Though I took the rest of the papaya seeds over the next two days, from that moment on I recovered rapidly. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome that I suffered from for 20 years was gone. However, I stayed on a very low dose of Nystatin for several more weeks just to make sure that my candida would not return. No more pain, no more stomach aches, no more bloating and no more constipation. Amazing!

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