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 In order to understand why electromagnetic pollution is so hazardous to our health, you must first understand that we are energetic beings who radiate an energy field.

In the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine, it is said that we have something called meridians, which are invisible channels of energy that run through our body in an organized and predictable way. Each of these meridians supplies the body with the energy it needs to activate each of our glands and organs. Each meridian is dotted with hundreds of acupuncture points. The points are actually little terminals that allow our spirit to enter into the body. Without spirit (or life force), we are dead. When the spirit leaves the body, it takes it’s life’s force with it. Though mainstream medicine does not utilize the concepts of meridians or acupuncture points, this ancient system of thought has been accepted by everyone in America today who has experienced the positive benefits of acupuncture.

In addition to meridians and acupuncture points, the ancient Sanskrit tradition discusses something called chakras, which can be seen in the picture on the right at the top of the page. In a sense, the chakras are like huge acupuncture points. According to ancient Eastern philosophies, the chakras are electrically charged whirling vortexes that attract specific kinds of energy. 

We have 7 physical chakras and 5 spiritual chakras.

The seven physical chakras are located along the spine from tail bone to top of head. The 8th chakra is located under our feet and the 9th through 12th chakras are located above the head. The seven physical chakras have a direct impact on our physical health. The five spiritual centers are directly related to our spiritual life. Because the chakras are ever expanding vortexes that attract thoughts and ideas, they are believed to be the vehicle through which our spiritual growth unfolds.

The body is also surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy that feed the chakras energy.

This is often called an aura. Many people believe that the body generates the aura, but the truth is that the aura generates the body. When we die, a clairvoyant will observe that the aura disappears several days before we take our last breath. This is true even if we die suddenly of an accident while still in good health. The body cannot remain manifest without this electromagnetic field of energy that keeps it alive. The aura exists in an even more expanded field of energy called the energy field which can extend several feet from the body and has numerous levels.

When our life force enters our bodies through the chakras and acupuncture points, I imagine that it hits the enzymes that activate the electrical charges that flows along our nerves. Our nerves activate our muscles and all of our organs and glands to do what they do to keep us healthy and functioning in homeostasis. As we grow emotionally and physically, our chakras open, becoming resonant with the beliefs given us by our parents, culture, educational system, and religion. As we evolve, we may or may not outgrow these beliefs so that we can attract something new. Our spiritual growth truly begins when we choose to think outside the box of limited material beliefs given us by others and begin to embrace the unlimited beliefs commensurate with our spiritual nature. The spiral galaxy to the right looks and acts very much like a chakra and acupuncture points within the body. As above, so below. We are cosmic beings with a cosmic origin. Many believe that we are merely a microcosm of the macrocosm, from the tiniest cell to the largest universe.

As you can see, in every way, shape and form, from spiritual to physical, we are bioelectrical beings who cannot exist without electrical energy.

Since this electrically charged energy field can't be observed, a large part of who we are is invisible to us. Many people recognize the fact that disease states are nothing more than electrical (or energetic) malfunctions. If you have been reading the other pages on this website, you will know that heavy metals and environmental pollutants, which accumulate in your body over a lifetime, destroy the vital enzymes that catalyze the electrical charges that activate our nervous system. Without optimal nerve stimulation, our organs and glands are compromised.

Because we are ignorant of how we are being poisoned, as well as the consequences, we allow this to happen. Once enlightened, we must act upon the information we have received. If we feel that such action is futile, which causes us to do nothing, we will not change the destiny of a “poisoned person” to create a more positive reality. Because "poison" is no respecter of attitude, this will be true even if you maintain a positive attitude. 

Everything alive is an electrical construct surrounded by an energy field, as the image of the leaf demonstrates.

 Each living thing carries its own electrical matrix which interfaces with all other living things.

We can both give each other energy and be robbed of energy. This happens at a mental, emotional and spiritual level and is loosely related to issues of love and power. In the physical dimension it manifests as tangible acts of giving or domination. In general, the more loving and open one is, the more expansive is their field of energy and the more giving they become.

 The earth, herself, has her own meridians and acupuncture points that have been well documented.

They are called ley lines, which are currents of energy that flows from point to point. The Hartman Net runs north to south and east to west. The  Curry Grid runs diagonally. When two ley lines of similar polarity cross, there can be a disturbance of energy that create unnatural conditions. There are many such places on our planet. Sedona, Arizona is a well known vortex. In these places trees tend to grow in a spiral, as demonstrated in the picture to the left. Plants may also lean away from ley lines and most animals, with the exception of cats, tend to avoid sleeping where two of them intersect.

For some reason that no one understands, cats actually like to sleep in places where the energy is disturbed. If you look at where the cat sleeps in your home, this might be a place of disturbed vibration. Ants and termites are also attracted to such places.

At the top of the electromagnetic spectrum is ionizing radiation, which comes from cosmic radiation and x-rays. Both can destroy your DNA, which is why people need to limit their exposure to it. Cosmic radiation is only problematic when we fly. When we are inside buildings, which most of us are most of the time, we are somewhat protected.

Non-ionizing radiation comes from non-alternating static electrical fields.

 Our bodies seek a static electric field to exist with.

One such field is called the Schumann Wave. The Schumann Wave is a frequency of energy that is created by the amount of times lightening strikes the earth each and every second of each and every day. The Schumann Wave is a steady frequency of energy that measures 7.83 Hz, and beats 7 to 10 times per second, fluctuating only slightly at different times of the day. It also varies from pole to equator, but the amount of variance isn't as important as the fact that it emits a constant frequency of vibration. Our bodies enjoy this uniform field of energy and doesn't like it when the magnetic field varies.

There are natural phenomena that can cause variances in the magnetic field, such as subterranean water that flows through an underground river several hundred feet under the surface of the earth. Also, geological faults, caverns, and some kinds of metallic ores can cause magnetic disturbances to exist. These geopathic disturbances can cause diseases like cancer, which can be observed in the plant life growing in the area. If you constantly sleep in an environment where there is a geopathic disturbance, it is believed that you could get cancer too.

Man-made structures can also create geopathic disturbances.

The metal springs in our beds can create magnetic anomalies that some people believe are bad for us, because they produce harmful radiation. Also, if you sleep in unnatural materials, you can create a lot of static electricity, which our bodies don't like. It is far preferable to sleep in natural organic cotton or wool, than polyester, which creates static cling.

Because the steady rhythm of the Schumann Wave regulates our biological clock, our sleep/dream patterns, and patterns of arousal and hormonal balance, it seems that human beings do best physically when they resonate with this frequency, which is what we have done since time began.

In fact, our optimal brain wave pattern duplicates the Schumann Wave. Earth's magnetic field is 11.79 Hz. Each cell in our body produces a different frequency of vibration. For example, our brain waves are from 5 to 15 Hz. Our nerve cells vibrate at 2 to 3 Hz. The frequencies that human beings feel the most comfortable in are anywhere between 2 to 25 Hz. Any frequency less than 250 Hz will cause problems with our biological organism, for it will exert a constant pressure on the cells to shift their natural vibration.

It is a well known fact by our government and our scientists that the Schumann Wave is necessary to sustain health. When astronauts first experienced space travel, they would return quite ill and sometimes unable to stand. That is because they traveled far from the Schumann Wave, which no longer kept them stable. Consequently, scientists created an artificial Schumann Wave generating machine, which is installed in all the space craft carrying human beings. This essentially solved the problem.

To understand why our biology is negatively impacted by unnatural electromagnetic fields, you must understand the law of resonance, which is a natural law in physics that affects all living things.

It states that when two or more energies are vibrating at differing rates of speed, either the lower frequency will raise, the higher frequency will descend, or the two will meet in the middle until they are vibrating the same. This natural law effects every area of our lives, from the mundane to the purely spiritual. It operates every second of every day without end. Without exception, it is the most powerful force in the universe.  

The Schumann Wave has a constant frequency of vibration but is forever changing in direction and magnitude. Cosmic radiation, however, constantly varies it's frequency of vibration. This continual variation in frequency, direction and magnitude prevents resonance from happening. In other words, our cells can maintain their own frequency of vibration because, under natural conditions, there isn’t anything that pulls them off of it.
This isn’t true of unnatural fields. The electrical wires running through our walls and all the appliances they energize, steadily vibrates at the same frequency, direction and magnitude of 60 Hz.

This is well within the range of frequencies that can stimulate our own cells to vary their frequency from that which is healthy and normal.

Since this kind of vibrational shift is detrimental to the body, in an attempt to maintain homeostasis, our cell membranes lock themselves down, becoming impermeable. This means that they cannot detoxify themselves.

The term “electromagnetic pollution” refers to any electrically charged wire or appliance that  exerts a magnetic pull on our cells that encourages it to move from its natural, healthy vibration.

This is why man-made electrical fields are harmful. All of them emit steady, unvarying frequencies that encourage resonance. Although unknown a century ago, people are now becoming electrically ill. This is called chronic magnetic deficiency syndrome.

Most notably, unnatural electrical fields impact our mental states and our nerves, which some people believe can produce mental illness, nightmares, agitation, poor ability to focus and concentrate, migraine headaches, explosive behavior, hypervigilence, suicidal behavior, and drug addiction. It seems that our DNA can also be significantly affected by harmful electromagnetic frequencies, for these unnatural electrical fields carry enough energy to break genetic bonds within our cells.

One of the authors I read also believes that our meridians are constricted and rendered less effective when constantly bombarded by man-made electrical fields. If this is true, it means that the channels of energy that run through our body will simply have less energy carrying capacity.

If this is possible, unnatural electrical fields may also be constricting our chakras, which means that less energy will be funneled into the meridians. When a person’s chakras are constricted, he/she is less apt to engage in spiritual growth.

These conditions would not only generate fatigue, the restricted energy flow would reduce the efficiency of all of our organs.

Because of the helplessness spiritual ignorance causes, it might also produce mental agitation and a vague, general feeling of being unwell. Under these circumstances, it does seem plausible to me that these vague, but continuous feelings of unrest could lead to suicidal behavior and/or drug addiction. 

Everything alive today responds to subtle changes in the electromagnetic field.

Though most of us are not sensitive enough to consciously pick up changes in vibration, we feel these changes unconsciously. Though the effects of electromagnetic disharmony are subtle, it’s long range impact can be enormous, especially to the electrically sensitive. The people who are the most electromagnetically sensitive are infants, with autistic children being the most sensitive of all. There are some researchers who have speculated that harmful electrical fields are a primary cause of autism today. Because ADHD and bipolar disorder are just another side of the same coin, I suspect that the rise in these diseases are also at least partially caused by EMF pollution.

Psychics, spiritual healers, artists, and anyone who is highly intuitive tends to be more electrically sensitive than others.

Also, anyone who is sick with a chronic disease may be electrically compromised, as well as anyone who is mentally ill. As the purpose of acupuncture is to unblock stagnant energy, any practitioner of this science can attest to the fact that disturbed energy leads to disease.

Given the fact that we are resonating, vibrating, bioelectrical beings, do you think it can be good for us to be bathed in electromagnetic frequencies that encourage an unhealthy resonance?

Who really knows what this is doing to us, but it is like the heavy metals and environmental pollutants I have discussed so many times before on this website. A little bit probably makes very little difference in how we function biologically, but a little bit every day, all day long, for a lifetime can have monumental impact, especially if it prevents our bodies from detoxifying themselves. Because the effect is subtle and cumulative, we are like the proverbial lobster in the pot. If you start with cold water and then slowly heat it, the lobster won’t even know it’s being cooked. 

In addition, when pathogens are grown in a Petri dish, they are known to reproduce themselves at a predictable rate.

 If the Petri dish is bathed in electromagnetic energy, they will reproduce themselves ten times faster.

It is theorized that this is because they feel threatened and the rapid reproduction is a survival strategy. What that means at a practical level is that if those pathogens exist inside you, your disease state will manifest much quicker and be much more virulent if you are continuously bathed in the wrong kind of electromagnetic energy. Depending on the pathogens you are exposed to, this could be fatal.

According to a Dr. Mercola newsletter article entitled Honeybees Face Towering Threat From Cell Phones, honeybees, which are vital to maintaining the world's food supply, are also being effected by EMF pollution. When cell phones are placed near a hive, they won't return to it because the electromagnetic vibration is disturbing to them. This is called colony collapse disorder, which has increased the loss of hives from a normal rate of 5-10% a year to 36%. In addition to harmful microwaves, it is speculated that pestacides, genetically modified crops, and unnatural food fed them by bee keepers also play their part in this disorder. Because a bees ability to navigate is dependent upon earth's magnetic properties, they are also losing their way home, as are migratory birds. If this is true of birds and bees, it is probably also true of the fish that return to the same place every year to spawn. As we begin to lose these vitally important species, our own survival as a species is growing ever more tenuous.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a leader in the field of autism and Lyme disease, believes that all pregnant women and infants should be shielded from unnatural electromagnetic energy.

Because our bodies detoxify themselves at night, he advises creating a clean space in your bedroom where harmful waves cannot touch you.

This can be done by shutting off the electrical current to your bedroom at night, or by shielding your bed or your child’s crib with a specially treated cloth such as the one to the right, that blocks out harmful waves. This produces a Faraday Cage, which blocks out all electromagnetic energy foreign to the human organism. Farady cages have a known track record for helping people heal many different kinds of diseases, including Lyme‘s disease.

Another option is to move your bed at least four feet from the wall so that the electrical current running through the wires in the wall cannot harm you. Since your head and brain are the most vulnerable areas, it should be as far away from electrical sockets as possible. If it is impossible to move your bed away from the wall, and your head is near a socket, you can consider reversing the way you sleep with your head where your feet have been, as your head is the most vulnerable aspect of your anatomy. Also, remove all electrical appliances from your bedroom, or at the very least, unplug them at night before retiring.

Unhealthy magnetic fields occur on anything that has a motor or a pump, such as your refrigerator, dryer, air conditioner, or anything that has a transformer, which is that large, black electrical box that takes up so much room on your outlet.

These are on TV's, stereos, computers, and printers. They are called point sources, which means that the magnetic field is strong at the box, but quickly diminishes the farther away you get from the source. These fields can penetrate walls. If you are sleeping with your head against a wall that has a refrigerator on the other side, every time it goes on in the middle of the night, you will be bathed in its unnatural magnetic field. It is also harmful to sleep next to the wall that contains your circuit breaker box for your house, as it will have a higher than normal magnetic field. Power transformers near your home or underground power lines can also be very dangerous, as their magnetic fields can extend 70 to 80 feet.

Another area of concern is cell phones and other wireless devices such as cordless phones, as well as cell towers, and Smart Meters.

Whereas house wire and appliances produce very low frequencies within the biological window, these devices produce very high frequencies, which the body tends to ignore. However, they do have the ability to produce maximum penetration into the body. Because they produce heat, cell phones are notorious for raising the temperature of the brain 4-5 degrees centigrade. This is why they are suspected of causing brain cancer and acoustic neuroma, which is a tumor on the hearing nerve. In fact, it is speculated that cell phone use doubles your risk of brain cancer. This number is increased to five times more likely if you began your cell phone use before the age of 20.  That's because the skulls of children are much thinner than the skulls of adults. Unfortunately, the brain does not contain sensors that feel temperature like the rest of the body does. If you hold your cell phone near another body part, you can feel the heat which emanates from it.

The problem with wireless devices like Wifi and cordless phones is that they transmit a constant signal whether the phone is in use or not. This forms a secondary wave that is around 200 Hz.

Because this is in the biological window of 250 Hz, Wifi and cordless phones can have a biological impact, especially if these devices are on twenty-four hours a day.

The base of your cordless phone is the problem, not the handset or satellite phones. Their harmful waves of energy can range between one quarter and one half mile, depending on the strength of your particular phone. This means that even if you do not have a cordless phone, your neighbor's phone at the other end of the block can impact you, as well as every other cordless phone within range of your house. As these waves pass through our windows, but do not pass through walls, they tend to concentrate in rooms with natural lighting. This is why it is said that we are bombarded with more than a 1000 times more electromagnetic energy now than ever before in the history of humankind. 

To deal with this onslaught of harmful electromagnetic energy, you can buy RF shielded material like the bed curtain cloth at lessEMF.com, and make window curtains out of it, or you can line regular curtains with what is called a solar blanket, which reflects the harmful waves. This material will also deflect the harmful waves that emanate from cell towers. Space blankets are very cheap and can be bought at camping supply stores as survival gear. They are especially good at night, for they block out all the light. However, for daytime use when you want natural lighting, the RF shielded material, though quite expensive, is much better. If you are very sick and want to see if an inexpensive Faraday Cage will help you heal, however, you could make one out of these inexpensive solar blankets, simply by covering your bed with them. Or, you can do a combination approach, using both specialy treated cloth and solar blankets to creatively accomplish the goal. LessEMF.com sells a "sleeping bag" type cage  that you can check out as well.

After reading the above information, a reader decided to try out the above solution with solar blankets and then emailed me the results. He made a small shoebox size faraday cage with solar blankets. He then put his cell phone in it and called it with another phone. Unfortunately, it rang just fine. Then he got the idea of grounding the solar blanket to the earth with a wire wrapped around a rod just as your house is grounded. He called his cell phone again. This time there was dead silence. This seems to indicate to me that the solar blanket idea would work around your bed if you could figure out how to ground it to the earth.  

Although I did not like the idea of getting rid of my cordless phone, I chose to replace mine with the old fashioned kind. To create mobility, I bought a 25 foot spiral cord. This gave me a 50 foot tether. Although its not as convenient as a cordless phone, it does give me peace of mind knowing that I'm doing my best to protect myself from these highly destructive waves.

Wifi also sends out a constant signal. Therefore, it is best to turn it off when not in use, especially at night before you go to bed.

If everyone in your household knows to turn it on before going on the Internet, then off again when they are finished, its damage will be minimized. You can use a power strip for this purpose. If you use the Internet all day long and want to minimize bathing yourself in harmful electromagnetic fields, it is best to connect to the Internet the old fashioned way by using an Ethernet cord attached to your modem. Mine is 30 feet long, so I’m not totally stationary.

Your neighbor's Wifi can also effect you, which is another good reason to cover your windows with RF shielded material, or solar blankets, especially at night in your bedroom when you detoxify.

The most toxic phones are Smart phones, I phones, and Black Berries, which are harmful even when turned off. These phones are repeaters that act as relay stations.

They put out very strong frequencies that are harmful up to six feet away, whereas normal cell phones are only harmful up to three feet. Therefore, they not only effect you, but everyone around you. It is important to never use them in a confined space, such as an automobile. It is possible to make them harmless by turning them onto airplane mode. Although this will make it so you can't hear the phone ring, when you want to use the phone, all you have to do is turn it back on. Unfortunately, headsets on all cell phones minimize damage, but they do not eliminate it. They are especially harmful to infants and children. Therefore, parents should be especially aware of turning their phones onto airplane mode when they are with their children.

Most adults are at least weakened by harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Anything that weakens the body or harms the brain can potentially damage our biological system. Because of how these harmful frequencies damage our brains, it can also change the way we think, the way we feel, and what we do. When you add this kind of pollution to heavy metal poisoning, toxic food, environmental pollutants, and the parasites and pathogens that live off of the resulting cellular damage, electromagnetic pollution becomes a force to be reckoned with. If it does, indeed, shrink our meridians and constrict our chakras as some people believe, it also weakens spiritual growth, which has enormous social consequences. In fact, it could be one of the reasons why there has been such a sharp increase in drug addiction and alcoholism, and why so many of today’s teens become involved in drugs at such a young age.

There are three ways to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution.

  • You can either block the waves by shielding yourself from them
  • neutralize the waves, or
  • ground them into the earth.


There are many devices on the market that claim to do this, though I am not sure how effective they are. I, myself, own something called an EarthPulse, which is a small electrically charged magnetic device I keep under my mattress. It produces an electrical field that pulses all night long to the frequency of the Schuman Wave. In the beginning, its effects were quite subtle, but as time wore on, they became more and more obvious. Its best effect is that I now experience deep and restful sleep for 8 to 9 hours each and every night without waking, much as I did when I was a child. My body seems to thoroughly enjoy the energy.

In addition, I have protected my entire home by using another device from a different company called an EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System that I plug into an electrical socket. This device is supposed to neutralizes the current that runs through my walls. I also use an EarthCalm Scalar Resonator, which is a small device I wear as a necklace that is supposed to neutralize both the high and low frequencies that I come into contact with throughout the day. The company’s newest device is called an EarthCalm Omega Laptop protector, which you can plug into a USB port on your lap top to neutralize the harmful frequencies emanating from your computer. If you are a cell phone user, there is also a diode you can get that is supposed to neutralize these harmful waves as well. Because these devices are subtle, like the waves they neutralize, it is difficult for me to tell how well they work. Therefore, I cannot advise you on whether or not to buy them. I do, however, feel better knowing I have some protection, but that may be purely psychological.

Because the only sure way to protect yourself is to avoid the frequencies all together, it is best to turn off the electricity to your sleeping areas at night, and to cover your windows with RF shielded material and/or solar blankets to keep out the harmful rays of Wifi, cordless phones, and cell towers.

Short of turning off the circuit breakers, you can at least unplug everything that is unplugable in your bedroom and choose not to sleep with your head near an outlet or a cell phone.

There are many, many products on the market that can shield you from EMF pollution. It is even possible to buy clothing made out of RF material. The best website I know of for this is: lessemf.com. Until our government decides to pass laws protecting us from harmful electromagnetic currents, I think protecting yourself from EMF pollution is of paramount importance in any cleansing regime. Because we are addicted to our technology, and because few of us really want to go back to the land to live as our ancestors did, we need to find a way to protect ourselves from this very real form of pollution that prevents us from detoxifying ourselves. Because allopathic physicians may be unaware of the connection between harmful electromagnetic energy and the impact it has on us, they may misdiagnose your mental condition and prescribe toxic drugs to suppress your symptoms instead of dealing with its source. Those who are empowered with knowledge and who are willing to act on what they know, must do what it takes to protect themselves in logical and precise ways.

This is not an issue of fear, but rather is simply an issue of making an informed decision related to manifesting the reality you want.

We have always lived in a dangerous world. In the past, the dangers were related to the lions and tigers and bears that prowled the wilderness. In olden times, you either learned how to protect yourself from predators or you died. Today, the dangers are far more subtle, but the same principle still applies.

The information for this web page came from numerous sources: my spiritual teacher Lazaris (http://lazaris.com/), a Dr. Mercola interview with Vicki Warren, who is CEO of Wing of Eagles Healthy Living, and is an electrical engineer who has been trained in understanding sick building syndrome (http://www.wehliving.org/), numerous articles from http://www.mercola.com/ as well as snippets from several other websites.

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